Day 2 Public Clinic Auditor Ticket

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This ticket gives you access to attend Day 2 (Sun 7 August 2022) of the Academic Art of Riding Clinic with Belinda Bolsenbroek on 6 and 7 August 2022 at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre - Indoor Arena in Stoneville, WA.

Clinic Format

There are 8 riders in Belinda's clinic and each rider receive 3 individual one-on-one sessions with Belinda over the two days. Riders and auditors also receive a series of lectures, which cover the concepts and theories that underlie Belinda’s training methods.

Lecture topics covered include a variety of subjects, including:

  • Theories and biomechanical knowledge underlying Belinda’s training methods
  • Diagrams detailing the purpose and correct performance of dressage exercises
  • The steps of training in logical order of progression – The concepts and uses of natural horsemanship and liberty work
  • Common training mistakes to avoid
  • History and evolution of horsemanship from ancient greek/roman times to the present day.

Day 1 of the clinic runs from 8.30am to approxiamtely 6pm and Day 2 runs from 8.30am to approximately 1.30pm.



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